Leicester International School

​​A Cambridge International Muslim School (Charity Registration Number: 1149679) 

It is a requirement of the school that all children wear school uniform as specified. If your child does not adhere to the school dress code, then he/she will be sent home. All Parents are required to purchase the uniform before the child’s start date. Below is the list of uniform items.

Grey Trousers
Black Shoes
Grey Jubbah
Navy Blue Jumber/Cardigan*
​Black/Grey Socks
White Topi

​Boys and girls Jubba’s/ dresses are available to buy from the local shops and stores.

The following items can be purchased through the school website via the button below:

The uniforms will be supplied with the school logo directly to you.


Grey Trousers
Black/Grey Socks
Grey Pinafore
Black Shoes
Knee length white polo shirt
Navy Blue Jumber/Cardigan*
White Scarf (Primary) Black Scarf (Secondary)