Leicester International School

​​A Cambridge International Muslim School (Charity Registration Number: 1149679) 

Terms & Conditions

School opening times


08:00am to 4:45pm (Including Madrasah)

Your child must be in class by 08:15am

You must collect your child at 2:45pm if he/she is not attending Madrasah

Secondary School

08:00am to 4:45pm (Including Madrasah)

Your child must be in class by 08:00am

You must collect your child at 2:30pm if he/she is not attending Madrasah

Please Note: We are very strict about pupil collections at home time. If you are late in collecting your child, a late collection fee of £3 will apply.
Data Protection

The personal data collected on this form will only be used for the purpose of processing your child’s registration. It is required for various administrative and health and safety reasons. Under the Data Exchange Agreement (DEA) and the Educations and Inspections Act 2006, Information will also be shared with local authorities if required to do so.

Child Protection

The School complies with the procedures approved by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB). The School is legally bound by law to protect children (under the age of 18) from abuse. If the School suspect or' a child informs the staff / management that s/he is suffering from abuse or any kind of bullying the school will promptly and appropriately respond to the concern.
Accident Procedure

The School reserves the right to administer basic first aid treatment when necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign a children’s accident form. For accidents of a more serious nature involving hospital treatment all attempts will be made to contact parents, but failing this, the School reserves the right to act on behalf of parents and authorise any necessary treatment. Parents are requested to inform the School of any changes to information in writing which is stored with the children records file.
Trips & Outgoings

From time to time, children are taken for local visits and walks.

You are required to sign a separate consent form for all organised outgoings involving transport and entrance fees, an appropriate charge will be made.

The school will remain open during normal school term times. The school reserves the right to make changes where required to do so in respect of the two Eid festivals.
Children will strictly not be allowed leave during school term times unless due to special circumstances. Absence of leave during school term time without a valid reason will result in immediate termination of your child’s place from the school register.

It is important that the school is notified if your child is going to be absent. This can be done by calling in person at the school or by telephoning the school office.

Any child suffering from a doubtful rash, sore throat, discharge from the eyes or nose, or diarrhoea should be kept at home until the symptoms have disappeared. The school reserves the right to refuse entry to a child who is suffering from an infectious illness.

If your child is taking any medicine please inform your child’s teacher and bring the medicine into the school clearly labelled with your child’s name. A member of our senior staff can only administer the medicine if a consent form is signed and dated by a parent or guardian. Full details of dosage and times must also be stated. 

Clothes & Personal Property

All clothing etc. must be clearly marked and labelled with your child’s name. Children will be taken outside so it is important that they are provided with suitable clothing. Any child not wearing suitable clothing will be excluded from outdoor activities.
Any property found in the school that is not labelled appropriately with your child’s name will be put directly in the lost property box. The lost property box can be accessible through contact with the office. All lost property will be disposed of and given to charity if unclaimed by the end of each academic year.

NOTE: The school will provide an extensive range of resources for the children. Children must not bring any personal property (Game Consoles, Nintendos, Palm Tops, etc…) to the school. No liability will be accepted for any damage or loss of any personal items.

Any child that is found to breach this condition, the teacher will immediately confiscate the item.

Mobile Phones

The school does not allow children to carry mobile phones. In the case of any emergency, the school office can be contacted directly.


All secondary school children will be required to bring their own laptop to school.  

Below is a minimum specification required for the laptop;

A minimum of 2.5 GHz, 3MB Cashe & Dual Core processor

A minimum of 2.5 GHz, 3MB Cashe & Dual Core processor

Windows® 7 or 10 Home Premium or

Windows® 7 or 10 Professional

Windows® 7 or 10 Home Premium or

Windows® 7 or 10 Professional

3 GB RAM minimum



School meals are not provided. Parents are required to send packed lunches with your child. Parents are humbly requested to provide your child with healthy meals (sweets fizzy drinks and chocolates are strictly not allowed). If your child is staying behind for the madrasah, you are required to send sufficient snacks to last your child throughout the day. Please do not send your child with hot meals, as the school does not provide a warming up facility. For health and safety reasons, lunch box coolers must be inserted with all packed lunches.  Please Note: glass bottles and cans are strictly not allowed on school premises.


Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery except for studded earrings.


It is a requirement of the school that all children wear school uniform as specified. If your child does not adhere to the school dress code, then he/she will be sent home. All Parents are required to purchase the uniform before the child’s start date. Below is the list of uniform items.


Grey Trousers

Black Shoes

Grey Jubbah

Navy Blue Jumper/Cardigan

White Topi


Grey Trousers

White Socks

Grey Tunic

Black Shoes

Black/Grey Socks

White Polo Shirt/Blouse

Navy Blue jumper/Cardigan

White Scarf


Boys and girls Jubba’s/ dresses are available to buy from the local shops and stores.

The following items can be purchased through the school website via the link below:


The uniforms will be supplied with the school logo directly to you.


Track Suit Bottoms

Crewneck Jumper


Fleece Jacket

School Bag

Mistral Jacket

Reversible Waterproof Coat

Classic Polo T shirt

Compliments, concerns and complaints

We are always pleased to hear your views. If you should have any concerns, your first step is to discuss the matter with your child’s Teacher. Any further correspondence should be made to the Principal. All appeals need to be made in writing to the Principal at the school.

Damage to school property

Parents will be liable for any damage to school property caused by your child.

Child’s personal details

It is the responsibility of the parent/ carer to inform the school of any changes to your child’s circumstances. The school will not take responsibility in the event of failure to inform us of any changes to your child’s details.

We operate on OPEN ACCESS POLICY where parents are invited to visit the school at any time during school operating hours. However, due to security reasons we do request that parents inform the office of their intentions to visit beforehand.

*The school reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time at its own discretion. Parents will be given reasonable notification of any changes.