A registration fee of £150.00 (Non-refundable) is required upon place acceptance. Together with the amount for the course book fees

Please Note: Pupil course books are required for every stage. You will be invoiced the amount before the new year for the purchase of new books.

Primary school £1850.00 per year per child

The fee includes the provision of Madrasah classes.

Please Note the Madrasah class is not compulsory. If you do not wish your child to attend the Madrasah for any reason, the above fees will remain the same. No reduction will be applied.
Fees are due one month in advance. Ten (10) equal monthly payments by standing order is required.
Our fees are based on an annual fee which is as stated above. We may review these fees at any time and shall inform you of any changes accordingly.

Other Costs

Entry Examinations

There is an entry examination fee of £25.00 before the enrolment of your child. The entry examination does not guarantee a place for your child in the school.
You are also required to purchase pupil books for your child according to his / her year group. Please refer to the enclosed “Pupil Book List” document for more details.
Late Payment Charges

The payments of regular fees help with the smooth running of the school. All fees are required to be in preferably by the 15th of every month. An administration charge of £10.00 will apply for every reminder sent from the school office regarding late payment of fees. This charge will be invoiced to you directly from the school office.

 Failure to pay fees

If you fail to make payments in full by the due date the school reserves the right to terminate this agreement and your child may be withdrawn from the school with immediate effect. The school further reserves the right to take any necessary action for the recovery of any amount outstanding in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions; this will include additional charges for the recovery.
Termination of Place

*Parents who wish to terminate their child’s place from the school, one clear Half Term notice in writing or one clear Half Term fee in lieu of such notice to the office is required.

*Notice received before the start of the next term or within the first week of the start of the term will be regarded as one clear half terms notice. If notice is received after the first week of the start of the term, then the following half term will be treated as notice period.

In the event of no notification, full charges will be incurred.


School Fees

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