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​​A Cambridge International Muslim School (Charity Registration Number: 1149679) 

"Educating your child in modern times"

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School closes: Friday 23rd March 2018
School re-opens: Monday 9th April 2018


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Welcome To Leicester International school

Leicester International School (LIS) is based on the method of education devised by Cambridge International Examinations.
Since the establishment, the school has grown and now offers continued care and education for children from 5 years of age. This rapid growth is reflected through the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication that we believe is vital for the development and education of our children. Our team is committed in creating an enthusiasm for learning and providing the best education to enable all children to achieve their full potential without compromising their Islamic Values.
All our programmes and qualifications for the school follow the Cambridge International framework for learning. Our school comprises of fully equipped classrooms. The children have access to a practical room for multiple activities such as science. We look forward to welcoming your child into our school and to working in partnership with you in your child’s education.

Many Thanks

Maulana Nizam Hussein

Primary School

The Primary school occupies shared facilities with the pre-school. The children enjoy a wide range of academic facilities within the faculty.

Cambridge Primary is an education programme for young learners that combine a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. Many of the attitudes that have been fostered earlier during the preparatory years are extended and developed as the learning experience broadens.

We always try to identify and nurture those pupils with academic abilities ahead of the years. Such children have the opportunity to excel further in their academic progress.

Secondary School

Cambridge Secondary 1 is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. Cambridge Secondary 1 develops skills and understanding in English, mathematics and science for the first three years of secondary education. It combines a world-class curriculum, high-quality support for teachers and integrated assessment.

Our curriculum frameworks for English also include an 'English as a second language' option.

Cambridge Secondary 1 provides excellent preparation for Cambridge Secondary 2 and other educational programmes.

Cambridge Secondary 2 is typically for learners aged 14 to 16 years. It offers learners two routes: Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level.

Cambridge Secondary 2 builds on the foundations of Cambridge Secondary 1, although learners do not need to complete that stage before this one.

Islamic Studies

The school facilitates daily madrasah classes for those children attending the school. These classes are held from 2.45pm to 4.45pm for Primary and 2.15pm to 4.30pm for Secondary. The children that attend school who come from a diverse range of local cultures are able to learn a broad mix of subjects. We have a strict comprehensive syllabus which conforms teaching methods and learning objectives to ensure that they are focused on key priority areas.

Hifz Classes

For those children that have a strong desire to and demonstrate the ability for memorisation of the Qur'an, we have hifz classes.

Salah (Prayer)

We are committed to facilitating special time for performing Salah in the school for boys and girls.

Children have the right, therefore, to be raised as responsible Muslim adults and parents must ensure that right appropriately. Parents must be conscious and take an active role in guiding their children and families on the path of truth. The Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “Every one of your (people) is responsible, and everyone is responsible for whatever falls under his responsibility. A man is like a shepherd of his own family, and he is responsible for them” (Bukhari and Muslim).

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